Fashion and color are central to my artistic direction. My brightly dyed and painted clothing creations are inspired by nature and the environment. The red-rock country and Indian petroglyphs of the southwest, the rugged mountains in Northern Utah, the butterflies of Costa Rica, and the exotic flowers of Hawaii can be found in my energized clothing creations.



My artistic career began over a decade ago. At that time I was an assistant to the vice president of a department store chain. I contracted a life threatening disease, and came very close to dying. This close encounter with death caused me to re-examine my life and started me down the creative path that I am now following. I began by taking art classes and creating clothing for myself and my family. As people began requesting special designs, I began selling my pieces mostly through word of mouth. I eventually began making enough money that I could quit my job and spend full time doing art. I am doing something which gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and which fulfills my artistic desires. I now travel the western United States for several months each year as a participant in community Art Festivals.

I do most of my work at home in my "studio". As I work I try to create a mood or a feeling similar to the feeling I get walking through the pueblos of the southwest, or the rain forests of Central America. Visions of nature and color are combined with this mood as my expression on the fabric. My goal is to infuse energy and love in each piece. Every item is exclusively dyed or painted by me, the artist. I hope you will enjoy this very special clothing created especially for you. It is made by my hand, with my feeling and my energy.

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